Why? Why Buy from Jokerman Darts? The main reasons people buy from Jokerman Darts is for a large selection at highly discounted prices.

No thrills, No frills, only Deals............... 

( thanks to marketing group for that cheezey tag line.. )


Ordering How does ordering work with Jokerman Darts? Ordering is simple. You place your order via the site and you are invoiced. When we see real money, you see real products.


Returns What is the return Policy? Return Policy:

If you have something that is really broken or defective....  drop us an email... no problem replacing the item. Any other items being returned are at the discretion of Jokerman. On a serious note, we are a streamlined operation and don't have time to waste with some people.


Paying Why does Jokerman Darts use Paypal? There are a couple reasons:
  • It is safer for your customers, we do not want you transmitting your credit card number to us
  • It is safer for us... we don't want to have your credit card number on file
  • It is cheaper for us, which means our products are cheaper for you


PayPal How does PayPal work? The sign up is quick and easy. Purchases are quick and secure. PayPal is a secure online payment service with over 220 million customer accounts. Purchases are a matter of signing on to your account and all the blanks are filled in.


Shipping What type of shipping is used? UPS Ground and USPS Prioritity mail. We use what we have found to be the most secure and cheapest


  International Shipping? International packages are sent by UPS.

The postal service will not guarantee international packages. 


  Canceling orders? This is at the discretion of Jokerman. Don't take it wrong, we run a streamlined operation with minimal overhead.


Products What if what I want isn't on the site? 2 things:
  • Most likely we have it but it isn't listed on the website
  • Drop us a line from the contact page


Jokerman what? So what's the Jokerman thing about? Check the "About Jokerman" link for more exaggerated talk than the day after a tournament.....